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martes, 22 de octubre de 2013

Gerund or Infinitive

Many sentences in English use a combination of two verbs to express a more complete idea. Also, we use a combination of adjectives and verbs to better express opinions and ideas. Understanding the ideas expressed with two verb sentences, or adjective+verb sentences, is very easy. Any one at A1 level can understand them. Here are some general examples:

  • I want to work in a big company.
  • Tom travels to promote his company.
  • I enjoy listening to music.
  • I recommend watching the new Tom Cruise movie.
  • It is important to have breakfast every morning.

With "two-verb sentences" we want to practice how to make the correct combinations so we are always expressing the idea we want to express. This is because there are some situations when, using one or another combination, the meaning changes completely.


Here is an initial reference of how we combine two verbs in English:

>For more on gerunds and infinitives, visit:


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