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martes, 28 de agosto de 2012


I regularly work with several blog at the same time but up until now it hadn't dawned on me to create one blog specifically for my teacher role. I guess in great part it had to do with the fact that the other blogs I manage keep me quite busy and well covered in most areas of work and leisure.

"Manage another blog?" was the basic question I made to myself when thinking about opening this blog. Yet, here I am writing this first entry. So, what has changed?

What has mainly changed is that I have better compartmentalized the main areas I work with leaving room for the management of this blog.

Specifically, my role as an English Teacher is wide and varied. As expected I work with a lot of people every semester and also come across several bits of teaching content in my everyday search for better class activities.

What to expect from this blog

Some of the main things I will post here are:

  • Language Education: This is maybe a no-brainer. Part of being a teacher is having a perspective, an opinion and beliefs about the different aspects about teaching and learning, or at least that is what I believe.
  • Teacher Experience: Something I've come to realize is that the identity of the language teacher is not always clear to everyone. At least in my community I have not found a place, real or Internet, where somebody explains what it means to be an English, or language, Teacher. A while back I started a video series in my Google Plus profile which I will be reposting here.
  • "La vida de un docente de idiomas" is the video series I started in my Google Plus profile. It is intended to profile the life of a teacher through general activities that one does. I will surely be reposting this videos series here.
  • Teacher Eduardo Website: The whole idea started with the teacher website I have been building over the last year or so. After tons of modifications, changes and editions, I'm pretty happy as to how it is turning out. This blog will also include general and important updates I make to my website.
  • Random Things: All work and no play makes for a very boring day. I generally deal in a lot of things through work and personal hobbies. I'll be posting a few things here about other random things I find, generally from a cultural perspective.
  • English and Spanish: My native tongue is Spanish although English is so personal to me it also feels as if it were my first language. I expect to be posting a lot of things in Spanish, too.

Yes! There are many things to post about here.


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