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viernes, 2 de agosto de 2013

File 5: Tijuana Brochure


In this task you have to create a brochure about a preferred place in Tijuana which you would like to recommend to others. It cannot be any place since the idea behind this task is to recommend places for slowing down and eating healthy.

Think of public places, restaurants, hotels, spas, cafes and any other place where one can go and have a nice time in the company of family, friends or even alone.

Through out this activity you will have to collect information about a place and, most importantly prioritize so that only the most important things about the place make it to the final version of the brochure. When in doubt about what to include and exclude from a brochure, it is always a good idea to look at ones from other places so go out and pick up flyers, pamphlets and brochures from your favorite places and take note as to how they made them and what is actually on the paper.

In the table below you will find all of the information you need for completing this task successfully.

  • Make a two or three folded brochure in which Tijuana is promoted for its attractions or places. Preferably include information about not well-known places that visitors can go to eat healthy food or relax.
  • This task is done individually.
  • More than one person can select the same place or attraction as long as different recommendations are mentioned in the brochure.

If the brochure is handmade.

  • A piece of paper
  • scissors, glue and colors
  • relevant photo cut-outs
  • a draft of the text to be included

The brochure may also be printed.

  • software to design the brochure in
  • relevant photos
  • a draft of the text to be included

Once you have made the original, make enough photocopies for everyone in the class, including the teacher.


In order to make a brochure you want to break down the process into steps. As you complete one step, you move on to the next one until you end up with a finished product.

  1. Talk to friends or use the recommended resources to select a place in Tijuana
  2. Search for important information on your selected place and take notes
  3. Find some nice photos
    1. If you plan to make a handmade brochure, you can also trace some photos
  4. Plan the design your brochure will have
    1. If you make sketches of your brochure first, they will help you focus your efforts once you start with the actual construction of it.
  5. Decide how the information and photos will be distributed in each of the sections
  6. Create the brochure
  7. Make enough copies for everyone else in the class
  8. Prepare your presentation for class in which you will use the brochure as a guide
  1. I have an original handmade or printed brochure created by me.
  2. I have enough photocopies for everyone else in the class, including the teacher.
  3. I have thought about how I will make my class presentation and possibly taken some notes.

This task is to be presented in the classroom using the conference mode. There usually is a lot of activity happening throughout the entire session since half of the class is presenting their brochures and the other is visiting each of the presenters.

  1. A handout which has everyone's name and spaces for notes is given to students.
  2. The class is divided in half.
  3. One half is designated as "presenters" and the other "visitors."
  4. A presenter sits in one chair and a visitor in another while facing each other.
  5. The presenter gives on brochure to the visitor.
  6. In about 5 to 10 minutes the presenter shows the brochure and talks about the most important things and recommendations in the brochure.
  7. The visitor can ask questions at any time in order to get more specific information about any of the parts being presented.
  8. Once time is up or the presentation is over, the visitor places a check mark next to the presenter's name as well as take any desired notes in the handout and proceeds to go to different presenter.
  9. When the visitor has been with all current presenters, he or she takes a chair and becomes a presenter.
  10. By the end of the class all names in the handout must have a check mark and all students must have a copy of each brochure presented.

This task is the first of three contained in Unit 5. The values presented here are partial to the 50% grade value the unit has in addition to the Learning Journal and Ongoing Evaluation.

The task evaluation will be based on using an informative document in a conversation as a resource to convey knowledge and recommendations about places and activities in a city.

  1. physical brochure and verbal presentation [8%]


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