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jueves, 10 de abril de 2014

And I'm Back ...

Well, after falling sick for four days and then trying to sort out backed up work, I am finally able to come around to the MA activities and go full throttle as I attempt to get back on schedule with everyone else.

Last Tuesday I began with a mild sore throat and congestion. It was a bit bothersome but nothing I couldn't handle. I was able to carry on with work and also start the MA readings.

It was on Wednesday that my congestion got worse and brought on a difficulty in breathing, headache and general body tiredness. In the early afternoon it got increasingly difficult to focus my thoughts and actively read. Not even two lines of text read and I felt my eyes tired and sleepy. I decided to cancel a three hour class I had that day.

Thursday was not any better as I kept on struggling in collecting my energy and focusing my thoughts. I did go to work but mainly because I had administrative work. By Thursday I was already taken medicine i had bought the day before and was basically waiting for it to kick in.

On Friday I felt a bit of an improvement but not as much as I had hoped. I was still dealing with the congestion and difficulty in breathing, which provoked a cascade of other symptoms. Every Friday afternoon I have 4 hours for reading at a near by Starbucks; I always look forward to this moment. It is my prize for a week well worked and also is a great environment for reading and catching up on any backed up activities. I was so sick that I decided to skip Starbucks and I never skip Starbucks; although, I can't say never now.

It was until Saturday that I started to see some positive progress. The congestion cleared up a bit and I could finally breathe properly. Still, I felt tired and, frankly, was not very motivated to do any reading or writing.

Monday and Tuesday of this week were my come back days as I recovered and started feeling my energies and motivation return. I had much work left over from Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the previous week, so these two days were all about getting everything in order at work.

I week later I am finally logging back into the MA platform and checking were I left of and what's new.

My first thought at this time : "I need to read and take notes". I had actually just started with the readings from Topic 7 when I fell ill, so I pretty much have to do all of the activities from the week I was absent. I know it's just a week and can probably catch up by next weekend. Nonetheless, I can´t help but to feel a bit overwhelmed. My second thought is: "I need to take control and get back in the game."

  • First order of the day: Read all past forum comments for both courses to refresh content.
  • Second order of the day: Write a blog post about what has happened. In my experience, blogging is an excellent way of jump starting my brain and also reactivating my motivation to read and write.

That we have a holiday coming up comforts me very much because it will give me the chance to calmly get back on track and not have to juggle current and past activities.

Today is about logging back in, catching up and starting to read again. Tomorrow - I am wild horses again!

Current t-shirt: Go Team Edward!


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