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martes, 6 de agosto de 2013

Level 6: File 6

  • Reported speech
    • statements, questions and commands
  • Passive:
    • BE + past participle
  • Relative clauses
    • Defining and non-defining
  • Shopping
  • Movies
  • What people do
  • Consonant sounds
  • Sentence stress
  • Word stress
  • Breaking news
  • A movie review
  • What do you remember?
  • What can you do?

In the How to complain effectively task teams create posters with recommendations for being successful when returning a faulty product
Returning items to the store is much more than just showing up with the faulty product. Many times one requires plenty of social skills in order to convince the salesperson that we either want to exchange or money back.

This task is to be done in small teams.
In the Movie Review tasks students watch a movie and write a brief review on it
We all love movies and we also love talking about movies. To be respected as a person that can talk about movies and give good recommendations, one has to consider several aspects of a movie so the recommendation is well founded.

This task is to be done individually.
In the My Hero task students select a person they look up to, create a presentation and present in front of the class.
Influential people are a really big part of everyone's life because they are the role models we normally look up to and try to immitate. In this activity we remember one.

This task is to be done individually.
Check the course calendar for projected test date


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