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martes, 6 de agosto de 2013

File 5: Organizational Chart

In the Organizational Chart task teams develop a business concept, interview fellow classmates and create an employ chart

Any well organized business is built on top of an initial business plan in which many aspects of operations, target demographics, marketing and the hierarchy of the employees among other things is designed and explained.

More precisely, the organizational chart visually presents how the human resources of the business are structured. This charts helps everyone understand what department any one employee belongs to and who is the immediate boss or manager.

Any good organization chart starts at the top of the hierarchy chain with the owner or owners of the business and works its way down, each square or section representing a department and it should name who is responsible for it. By following the graphic one can know who are the employees under each department.

This organizer is crucial to any good business because plenty of important economical decisions are usually made based on it.

  • Plan a business of choice to be opened in Tijuana and estimate the departments needed for the business to operate successfully so that an organizational chart can be created in which a job is assigned to every one of the classmates based their performance in a job interview scenario.
  • This task is done in teams of 2 or 3 members.
  • There can be more than one business since each team will have different ideas in the operational part.

This task will require a variety of skills in social negotiation, note taking and computer software. The following list implies all the skills mentioned:

  • A business concept and name
  • The job descriptions for each of the jobs in the business
  • Ten job interview questions
  • A job interview form for collecting data
  • Assigned one job position to each classmate
  • An organizational chart in poster form with job titles and names of classmates
  1. Meet with your team and brainstorm ideas for a business concept
  2. Decide on one and give your business a name
  3. Discuss your business concept for product, service, internal operations, location, etc.
  4. Agree on the job positions needed in your business to be successful
  5. Determine the job skills each one of your employees needs to have (job description)
  6. Create a ten question questionnaire for the job interview 
  7. Interview the rest of your classmates and take notes
  8. As a team decide which jobs your classmates will have in your business
    1. Base your decisions on overall interview performance and answers given
  9. Create an Organizational Chart poster of your business
    1. include job titles
    2. names of people in each job title
  10. Prepare to present your Organizational Chart in class
    1. Explain the layout of your chart
    2. Explain who got what job and, most importantly, why
  1. I have agreed on a business concept with my team.
  2. My team and I have create a job interview questionnaire
  3. My team and I have interviewed everyone of our classmates for a job in our business
  4. My team and I have agreed on which of our classmates is assigned what job based on interview performance and answers given
  5. My team and I have created a poster for our Organizational Chart which includes job titles and people's names.
  6. My team and I can explain why each person was assigned their job title.

This task will only be presented with posters and no digital presentations will be accepted.

  • All teams will paste their posters around the classroom
  • A team representative will stay and be the presenter as the rest of the team tour the rest of the posters
  • The team presenters explain how they agreed jobs assigned.
  • The team presenter switched roles with a team member so he or she can visit the other posters

This is the third task of three and requires the most skills to be used in that students must negotiate, arrive at agreements, interview others and be interviewed, speak-listen-and-write, computer skills and presentation skills are also part of the task.

There are two main evaluation points to be considered; one being the job interview session and the second the chart presentation.

  1. Job interview and Chart Presentation [13%]

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